We Are Circular

Very few companies take responsibility for their products after they are in their customers hands. This needs to change if we’re going to have much of a future here on planet earth.

We’re bucking the norm for a couple reasons:

  • We feel a responsibility to the earth. The climate crisis is scary and if we’re going to put goods into the world, we want them to be carbon neutral or better.

  • It’s an experiment. We’re not really sure yet what we’re going to do with your clothes is you ship them back to us. That’s okay because we’ve seen 25 year old pullovers made from our fabrics, so we’ve got time. Accepting clothes back may or may not be profitable. But it’s aligned with our purpose and we think more companies (all companies, really) should be experimenting with this.

So, if you’ve worn through one of your Danu Organic pieces, you have two options:

  1. Ship it back to us! Say there’s a giant stain with a giant hole in the middle of the back of your pullover but the front is in perfect condition. We’ll attempt some creative repair or perhaps cut the good fabric out and make a “new” thing. Email us at support@danuorganic.com to get this started.

  2. Cut out any elastic (even though it’s 90% organic, undyed cotton and only 10% plastic… almost all elastic is 100% plastic!) and toss the fabric in your compost pile or bury it in your yard.

  3. If you don’t have a yard, see if your city offers compost. Add it to that.

Send us an email at support@danuorganic.com with any questions!