Sustainability & Ethics

Our earth is a magical place. With water to drink, magnificent forests and resources to support human life, we don't want to cause harm to the earth ⁠— as we would love and take care of anything we are in relationship with.

Danu Organic was born a reflection of Sarah's evolving values and as we've grown, it has stepped up to meet the values of our customers too, when they inspire us to uplevel.

We also hold caring for not just the humans employed by Danu, but all the humans our business relies on as a very important value. We are firmly anti-racist and acting that out by hiring, paying and centering people of color. Also, we ensure that our supply chain does not abuse people of color as the majority of clothing worldwide is made by underpaid WOC, or even children, in poor working conditions.

Although we're still at a place where we aren't selling enough clothing to pay the bills, we encourage people not to buy clothing they don't need and not participate in any sort of tricky marketing gimmicks encouraging purchasing a lot of clothing. We also set up our business systems to discourage excessive purchasing.

Most importantly, we frequently set aside time to consider deeply if our actions are upholding our values and where we can improve. Then we talk about it openly and take action to do better. As of writing this, I'm focused on finding naturally printed tags and figuring out how to build a non-hierarchical company structure as I've determined that is vital to anti-racism efforts at businesses.