Sweet Maple Colorganic® French Terry


A warm shade of brown reminiscent of a pail full to the brim of freshly tapped golden maple syrup, this soft shade is universally appealing to the eye. Sweet Maple French Terry gets it's color from a blend of two plants — Sally Fox's "coyote" brown cotton and a white "acala" cotton, both grown organically in New Mexico. Sweet Maple is a 50/50 blend of the coyote and acala.


This is a dense, warm knit fabric. It's looped french terry on one side and a smooth, relatively uniform color, dotted with deep brown speckles of cotton seed if you look closely. We love the presence of the seed in the final garment — a beautiful reminder that these clothes came from earth and can return to earth.


Grown in New Mexico under the work of Sally Fox, our farming practices are beyond organic. Our farmers use no pesticides or fertilizers and in fact this cotton is more resistant to pests, bacteria & mildew than typical white cotton. It's been hypothesized that these properties are due to the brown cotton's higher tannin content.


We recommend machine washing cold and tumble drying low for the first wash to remove any potential shrinkage so you're not surprised if you accidentally put it in the dryer. After the first tumble dry, continue to wash cold but consider line drying to decrease your carbon footprint & increase the longevity of your clothing.


We've measured this fabric to shrink about 2%... mostly up, not so much in. This is pretty negligible and most people don't even notice. Some people who don't want it to shrink opt to never dry it and people who want it a tad smaller have used hot wash and hot dry cycles to successfully get their perfect fit. We do still accept returns on garments that have been washed & worn... read the full return/exchange policy here.


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