I want to create from the bottom of my heart.

To tell you the truth, I feel like I created a monster. A separate being that takes huge amounts of my time and energy and gives me nothing in return. Some combination of mushrooms, pregnancy or tipping over into a new astrological time in my life all three of which occurred in the same short time span is necessitating or perhaps gifting a reinvention of what is Danu. 

In many ways, I adore what I've created through Danu. I adore the online spaces I get to create and share with you. I adore you all and the community that we've made together.  I love to design the clothes I dream of wearing and can't find. I love the plants I get to work with. I love the team of woman around me that have made Danu what it is.

It's time to amplify all that I love about Danu and cut back on all the things draining the energy of Danu, and hence, my energy. To create the new iteration of Danu, I need a long rest. From which I can begin to create from the bottom of my heart. Better things are coming.

Less business. More community. More beauty. Still healthy clothes. Degrowth. Seasonal and cyclical slow business.

I'm only here once and I want to create from the bottom of my heart. Not keep up with the pace of anybody or anything. Thanks for being here as I navigate the interconnectedness of myself and this work.

Danu will be closed from September 10th until I feel it's the right time to reopen.