We are creating clothing that is healthy for our bodies, the earth and everybody involved in the growing and making process of our garments.

  • We believe there is no neutral. Whenever possible, our clothing is climate positive and actually contributes to healing the soil, water, air and ecosystems our earth.
  • We create clothing that adds extraordinary value to our customers lives. Our clothes have longevity, timeless style and feel wonderful to wear. Our clothes make the wearer feel happy and healthy.
  • We are transparent, empowering our customers to make decisions that align with their intentions with all information available to us.
  • We take responsibility for repurposing, proper composting and disposal of our garments through our circularity program and good, honest, thorough customer education.
  • By creating clothing with heirloom plants, we safeguard biodiversity to create a resilient planet.
  • Our clothing is only as good as it's components, so we consider thoroughly each ingredient that goes into our garments.
  • We are committed to constant expansion and learning around the intersection of sustainability, social justice and fashion. We amplify and contribute a percentage of profits to people and groups fighting for equality for BIPOC, LBGTQ+ and other marginalized communities.
  • We do our best, through forming actual relationships with the people involved, to ensure people are not exploited in the making of our products.
  • Our relationships internally, with our customers, sewists, farmers and every person who interacts with Danu Organic is based on reciprocal relationship rather than sheer capitalism.
  • We strive to create a business structure that endures for centuries without losing its values.
  • We focus on the details. From ensuring our tags are printed with plastic free ink to taking time to sew excellent, durable seams, the impact of every detail is considered.
  • We bring curiosity to every aspect of Danu Organic with and the intention of improving the impact of our offerings and creating a new paradigm for the business of fashion.






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