Like the best meals, good clothes start with good ingredients! Commitment to quality, farm-direct sourcing, perhaps more than anything, sets Danu Organic apart. We know who grew our fabric and how. We share with you who grew our fabric and how.

For the rest of our materials, we seek out high-quality, traceable and plastic-free options. Our favorite buttons come from the corozo nut. We love sewing with organic cotton thread — a must for garments to be naturally dyeable and compostable!

Farm visit have been challenging since we started six months before the pandemic, but we have visited some of our farms and those that we haven't, we intend to visit one day but have managed to feel very aware and connected with their work over the internet.



Sarah Danu aims to create clothing that makes you feel amazing. Perhaps it's all that good earth-direct energy our materials hold or the good intentions of everyone involved in our process going the extra mile to create healthy clothes in a world favors the opposite, but our customers tell us time and time again there's nothing like slipping into their Danu Organic.

Favoring classy, timeless silhouettes with a bit of drama, we're sure you'll wear your Danu Organic pieces often — an essential measure of how sustainable clothes are.

Sarah's been partnered with a seasoned patternmaker since before day one to digitize our patterns to print gigantic paper markers to cut & sew our garments.



We work with several small, specialized factories throughout Los Angeles. One that focuses on our knitwear. Another that only sews denim. Some that are happy to take on our linens. Each brings talented artisanship to our clothing and is dedicated to providing a good working environment for their teams. We visit frequently and have built strong, reciprocal relationships with our factories over the years.



After our clothes are sewn, we pick them up and take them to our shared natural dye house in Silver Lake. Here we scour, mordant, dip and stir to make beautiful colors, leaving some clothes the natural color of the fibers as well. So far we've used madder, gall nuts and indigo — all organic, healthy for our bodies and the earth!



Each of our product pages contains end-of-life instructions, but our clothes are durable and last a long time, often going on to a second life in our infinite returns program or an independent third part reseller like @selltradeslowfashion or poshmark.