When We'll Have That Thing You're Wanting Done

When We'll Have That Thing You're Wanting Done

Launch Updates

This is really, more than anything, a blog post to say sorry we haven't met any timeline goals we've shared with you recently. (Sorry!) Often, people have reached out on instagram or to our customer service asking when they could expect a restock of XYZ and I happily gave them an expected timeframe. That was not a good idea! The pandemic is still affecting the supply chain worldwide, and the small businesses that make up our supply chain are no exception.

I'm actually pretty grateful I'm being taught the hard lessons going on right now while our company is young, small and nimble. It's causing me to see the need to build in flexibility in a way that will create steadiness for our business and everyone connected to it come hell or high water. This lesson is actually gentler to learn while a company is small even though it's felt anything but gentle! 🤪 Long term, the decisions these difficulties has caused will help Danu become a company that is steady and enduring for many years to come.

That said, internally, we do have a launch calendar laid out for the entire year and we're really excited about it. I'm going to stay secretive about the details because of all the unforeseen hurdles that are coming at us pretty regularly. I will say, we have a lot of pieces and new 100% natural fabrics of the highest quality I'm very excited about. We won't be doing so many restocks this year as we expand into new categories. We hope to do a product launch about every five weeks but that's not hard and fast as we are remaining fluid so that we can stay relaxed enough to create to our fullest potential.

I do want to go ahead and acknowledge some of the downfalls of this decision. Wardrobe and spending planning can't really happen if we don't tell you what we're releasing when. That is why we were giving out timeline and launch details in advance so in this way, it feels like we're taking a step back and I'm sorry about that. When things get tough, we will always narrow in on our #1 mission and that is to make clothing that is healthy for our bodies, all people in our supply chain and our wonderful planet earth.

I just can't help myself. The next piece we're launching will be our Astral Duster. We've been perfecting it for over a year. It's wonderful. I love it and I hope you do too! Thanks for your patience as we take way longer that we could have ever guessed to finish anything this year! What is our Astral Duster? If you know, you know! If not, you'll know soon.

Kindness & Gratitude!


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