Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free

1) Leave a review where you would go to look for their reviews.

For us, leaving reviews of products you already own is enormously helpful. Sharing details about your body type and fit is especially helpful for customers trying to decide which pieces will be best for them. For place-based businesses, leaving a google review is amazing. Reviews only take a minute to right but help small businesses for many years to come.

2) Share your favorite photo they’ve posted on instagram.

It's simple. Tap the little airplane button under your favorite photo they've recently posted and share what you love. You can't overshare. Seriously, small business owners do a happy dance every time.

3) Follow them on a social media channel you don’t already.

We'd love for you to join us on Pinterest or Facebook! Even just pinning a photo of a piece you are wishing for is appreciated.

4) Share a blog post they wrote.

Most small businesses have journals or blogs they put a lot of effort into making helpful and fun. Share a link to the one that educated or inspired you the most to your facebook page or personal blog.

5) Like, comment and use their hashtags!

Our hashtag is #healthyclothes and we'd love to go from being seen on the "TOP" and not just the "RECENT" section. Likes and comments help us to show up in the algorithm, which is becoming more and more of a pay-to-play game small businesses can't afford to participate in. You could comment the same thing every post and we'd still love you. Most small businesses spend a lot of time creating posts that are inspiring and informative so double tap the one from the businesses you want the algorithm to show you.

6) Consider long-term ways you can shift your spending from big corporations to the local economy.

Okay, this one is about money but not right now. When you support small, local business, there is often a host of other small, local businesses they support. Plus employees and staff that tend to spend their personal income on other small, local businesses. When you shop at mega corporations, the mega-wealthy barely even notice and get more money they don't really need. For example, I quit buying my dish brushes on amazon and found the same exact product FOR LESS on Housework who are friends and stockists of Danu. Now I have a new habit for that purchase, which over my lifetime, will add up.

7) Plan to show up to their events in the future.

In the future, that is. We've all had so many events canceled this month which has been hard financially and emotionally. A lot of work goes into planning and preparing for events. When we're up and running again, please come by, even just to say hi! For now, a lot of event based businesses have innovated quickly to offer community online. Give what interests you a try online!

Thanks for reading! Go ahead and do two things on this list whether for Danu or another business you love. It'll only take a couple minutes but have long-lasting impacts for small businesses. Of course, please share this post!

Ways To Support Small Businesses For Free\

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