Shop Closure FAQ

Shop Closure FAQ

We're mostly getting love and understanding about closing the shop but I wanted to take a moment to answer some questions I imagine you have! If you've got another question not covered please leave a comment below or email No question messages on instagram please and thank you!

Q: Will there be a big closing sale at the end?

A: There won't be any more sales before we close. We want to get you the clothes you want before we close, but a big rush of business created by a sale would be very overwhelming right now so there won't be any sales.

Q: So happy for you! Where are you going?

A: That's still under wraps until we're very sure. 🤫

Q:  Will my gift card for your shop be good when you reopen or do I need to use it now?

A: Yes, it will be totally good when we reopen! No need to use it now. Gift cards are good forever.

Q:  Can I still make a return once the shop is closed for orders?

A: Yes, you can still return items for 30 days after you receive them even after August 26th. Customer service will be active until that period is over. You'll get a gift card for the value of your return like normal. Please see our return policy for more info if you're curious.

Q:  When will you reopen?

A: I'm not sure yet. Having a baby is sure to change my life in unknown ways not to mention having the baby abroad. And our tiny house still isn't ready to live in so I'll probably need to focus on taking care of the baby and finishing the tiny house to a livable point before reopening. Your guess is as good as mine how long that will take. Certainly until next summer but possibly much longer.

Q:  Will everything be the same when you reopen?

A: No. I plan on having a lot more fun with things :) A lot more media and sharing. Still clothes. Many of the same clothes as we will sell everything we have eventually. A few new styles already planned. But there will also be some big changes to allow more fun and ease and joy and less financial stress.

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