Santa Cruz Island Tee

Santa Cruz Island Tee


Named after the wild and remote island 20 miles off the coast of central California, where I spent the best weeks of last year sailing, sunning, swimming, nibbling on wild rose hips and catching fish for dinner. This island was interestingly never attached to California, so, like the Galapagos, has developed unique flora and fauna including the infamous endemic Santa Cruz Island Fox (urocyon littoralis santacruzae).


These measurements are taken of a garment laying flat that has been washed & dried, so no additional shrinkage will occur. Got personal sizing q's? We're here to help. Jot us a note and send it to

pit-to-pit (in)
shoulder to hem (in)
ONE 21.5 20.5
TWO 22 22.5
THREE 22.5 23
FOUR 23 23.5
FIVE 24 23.75


Q: Why didn't you make more sizes?

Unfortunately, or in many ways fortunately, as I was starting this business, I bought all the fabric Sally Fox could make! In some sort of mishap with her fabric mill, she received two rolls of fabric that were just 26" wide. In my naiveté I bought them right up, despite her warnings they'd be tricky to work with. It was such a soft and lovely jersey, each of Sally's jerseys being a bit different. Well, retrospectively I probably should have left that roll with Sally because even though we chose the style most able to fit the most sizes, we weren't able to fit anything above a size 5. Sorry to those wearing above our size 5! This won't happen again. Beginners mistake.

Q: Styling tips?

This is the most casual everyday tee which means it's good EVERYDAY WITH EVERYTHING. You're going to be reaching for this one a lot. I love it with our Ojai Lounge Shorts in green to enter a state of maximum lounge. But there is really no wrong way to wear the Santa Cruz Island Tee. 




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