Pregnancy So Far: 1st & 2nd Trimesters + Shop Closing For The Season

Pregnancy So Far: 1st & 2nd Trimesters + Shop Closing For The Season

We were going to try to start having a baby in a month, but this little baby we'll be meeting midwinter did not want to wait! So I was caught pregnant by surprise which was fun but also, well, surprising! 

I haven't felt like sharing much until now, in fact, I all but disappeared from the internet! But that second trimester energy hit and I'm excited to share now. I hope it helps some of you and if it doesn't, feel free to move on! Pregnancy brings up a lot of feelings for a lot of people so it's good to just engage with what feels aligned for you when it's calling.

My first trimester was s l e e p y! So sleepy. Very little got done for three months at this business or in my life in general. As I had a couple miscarriages years ago which I understand at this point to have been more spiritual than physical, I also dealt with a lot of mental health anxieties just hoping for the baby to stay inside of me. We were living in a dark apartment scented with the last renters cats in the marin hills. I did not leave the couch. I very rarely watch tv or movies but I watched Friends in it's entirety my first trimester. The laughing was good medicine for me and the tiny one inside of me. I had a month long headache until I realized electrolytes took it away. I had a week of very minor morning nausea easily solved by a cracker in bed before I woke up. That was the worst of it but I was delighted to enter the second trimester where chances of miscarriage drastically drop.

The second trimester begun with Spirit Weavers and I could start to feel some energy and trust and joy coming into my life! Especially surrounded by all my friends I cherish seeing every year. My work at sprit weavers this year was listening to the deep calling of my ancestors. And more simply, listening to my body that was often too tired to make it to classes or even to the river. I had a wonderful time and people started to guess I was pregnant which made me pretty happy to be looking pregnant as I feel it explains my somewhat odd way of existing during this time. 

I got very busy after spirit weavers and it hasn't ceased yet! We packed up our California sublet and headed home to Vermont where we arrived to trees down and bears crawling up our tiny house. It's beautiful and wonderful and so good to be home in these deeply green Vermont hills. But reality sunk in... our half finished tiny house is not a great place to give birth in the middle of winter.

This began what Charlie and I termed "the wave." An intense cyclical thought process of where we should be to welcome this little being into the world. We're both pretty sure it's calling for warm waters and sunny skies but maybe that is us.

The wave of thoughts finally made it to shore and we've decided to tuck our half finished tiny house in for winter in search of warmer places to give birth. Though we have made plans, they are written in the sand and we'll see how they unfold. I'm not putting pressure on myself during this time to produce content but will be sharing as I feel like it. More blogs posts here. More personal instagram posts. A break from the work instagram. Most likely a total rebrand when the energy strikes.

This does mean I will be closing the shop down for the season. I can't say exactly how long "the season" will be but at some point after integrating this new baby into my life, I will be reopening the shop with healthy clothes for you! Thank you for your understanding, support and patience during this change.

Things are going to start happening pretty quickly and dates are subject to change but ere's my best guess:

August 18th-August 20th sometime – launch of garments on the coming soon page (will be updated by tomorrow AM)

August 26th – Last day to shop everything on site before we close for the season at midnight.

August 27th  – All last orders ship for the season and I begin to close down the studio for the season

September 30th – last day of customer service for the season; returns will work as normal 

To ensure you're all well cared for, orders will be packed and shipped daily. We'll also reply to customer service daily until August 27th when it will return to weekly.

P.S. I'd love to hear your pregnancy stories in the comments below if you feel like sharing!


Congratulations for your baby!!! They are such a blessing. Wishes for all the best in the coming months. I am at that stage where my latest great grand babies were twin girls born two years ago. What joy.

Eugenia Stevenson

Sarah-such beautiful words and magical photos.
It is heartwarming to read this update. Sending genuine love to you three as you create and share the magic of the universe!

Margaret Danielian

Hi Sarah! Congrats on your new little one!!! Many blessings to you & so much love!!!

Amanda Stefanin

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