Our Infinite Return Program

Our Infinite Return Program

Danu Organic Infinite Returns Program

We are a closed loop company. Once you’ve worn your clothing to bare threads, which we expect to take many years, we recommend you compost them in your backyard, or a city compost program. If you think they still have a bit of life left in them, we’ll send you a shipping label and you can mail garments back to us. We’ll either offer them for resell or cut them up and make something interesting from them, giving them a second life. In exchange for returning your Danu clothing at the end of it's use to you, we'll also give you a $5-$20 credit to our store, depending on the quality of your garment.


Q: How do I get an Infinite Return started?

A: Email support@danuorganic.com. Tell us what you'd like to return and your shipping address.

Q: Can you tell me how much the gift card will be for in advance?

A: Unfortunately, that's not reasonable. Our team needs to be holding your garment in our hands to decide the value of it. Based on how much life we think it still has in it, we'll decide on your gift card and simply send it to you. We aim to be generous but there are many costs in reselling garments, so we need to be able to cover them. Gift card values are non-negotiable and by shipping us your garment, you agree to whatever we can offer you.

Q: I shipped my garment to you but now I changed my mind. Can you ship it back?

A: No, once you drop a piece in the mail for an Infinite Return, we can not send it back. We don't have the bandwidth for that.

Q: Where are Infinite Returns sold?

A: Being such a new company and working with high quality materials and methods, as of writing this, we haven't had many Infinite Returns. Our long term vision is to offer them in an open community space and shop where you can try them on in-person since it's challenging to communicate the uniqueness of secondhand or mended pieces online. But for now, we'll sell them through instagram stories or our Circularity page.

Disclaimer: This program began before our company launched, but due to the nature of it, we haven't really began it as people's clothing has not yet aged. We are very hopeful this program will flourish & thrive but can envision many potential hiccups so we will likely have to make many shifts in this program. Check this post for updates as we walk through this new program together.

To learn about our standard return program for new orders placed within 30 days, click here.

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