Organic Midweight Linen

Organic Midweight Linen

As far as I know, this is the only, truly organic linen available on the market. It took me years of active searching to find but it was so worth it. Sturdy yet buttery soft with a textural depth I love in fabric, I fell hard in love with this fabric. I know this fabric will be slowly edging it's way into more and more of my closet and our collection at Danu Organic.

Linen is not organic if it has been grown with non-organic practices or chemicals. Linen is not organic if it has been dyed with unnatural chemicals. Our linen has been grown organically and we offer it to you in an unaltered state of color, which is in our opinion, a beautiful color.

At Danu Organic, the ingredients our clothes are made from are our number one priority because just like with cooking, good ingredients make a good final product. This linen is an investment for our small business and it's an investment for anybody who buys a Danu Organic garment sewn from it, but if there was a fabric I was going to invest in, I would choose this organic linen 100 times over.

Linen is a bast fiber, meaning the plant fiber is collected from the external skin of the plant surrounding an internal stem. Our linen is grown and processed entirely in Belgium, a geography renowned for their quality linen. The senses pick up on the quality quickly. The fabric smells earthy and organic. Since we will be pre-shrinking your linen pieces before shipping, you won't pick up on this so strongly as it fades after the first wash, but it is there and it is lovely. The hand feel of this fabric is extraordinary — I know of no other fabric that possess such natural strength yet remains soft, embodying the essence I strive for daily.

In this day and age, you'll see items marketed as linen that are made from things that aren't linen. This is in part due to the fact that linen was once upon a time the most common fabric in many parts of the world, so calling fabric items like towels and bedsheets "linens" became common practice so today, that's carried over into things made from plastic being called a linen.

This is our sturdiest fabric ever, but to maximize it's longevity and care for the earth, we recommend washing on cool and hanging to dry, but it absolutely can be washed warm and tumble dried.

If we get funded, the Garden Blouse will be the first of many, many styles in this fabric for Danu Organic.



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