Natural Dye FAQ

Natural Dye FAQ

Natural Dye FAQ - Danu Organic

Why do the colors cost more?

We thought long and hard about this. We could have also averaged the cost of the colors out over the undyed colorganic® pieces. Ultimately, we decided that in the effort of cost transparency, it was best to charge the difference in cost for naturally dyeing the piece. We also hope this will cause people who have never give a thought to how clothing gets its color to consider the widespread cheapness of chemical dyes. Naturally dyeing costs more financially, but it costs much less socially & environmentally.

Will the color fade over time?

Some more than others. But we don't call it fading. We call it gorgeously transforming over time. Our deep red and luminous black fade significantly less than our verdant green. But our verdant green fades into a lovely indigo blue which is worth loving too. If you fear the fade, perhaps start with a colorganic® piece. They deepen in color over time.

If I miss the pre-order, will you ever make more? 

We are producing this naturally dyed collection in a very limited quantity. We're testing the waters to see how many we should order after our next big production sew. If we're sold out of what you want, be sure to sign up for a restock notification because that will impact how many we make and we want to be sure you get what you want!

I already have a Barcelona Pullover but I really want it in red/green/black now! I don't exactly need two of the same style pullover though. Will you be doing red in other styles in the future?

Though we can think of MANY reasons to own MANY Barcelonas, don't worry. Yes! We're constantly working on new designs. It's safe to expect to see new designs in these colors in the future. What and when we can not say.

Send any other questions you have to or ask in the comments below and we'll get right back to you!







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