FAQ & Garment Measurements: Vera Bra

FAQ & Garment Measurements: Vera Bra


Sewn from nothing but organic, natural and compostable materials this bra can be returned to the soil where it will decompose into nourishing elements I would be happy to have in my personal home garden.


Vera Bra Size Guidelines

Got personal sizing q's? We're here to help. Jot us a note and send it to support@danuorganic.com.

We changed up the sizing a bit to better fit more people so please pay attention! You may not wear the same size you did before, or, you may! This is a little simpler than before so long as you know your typical band/cup size which you can calculate with google and a tape measure. Or a piece of sting and googling "online tape measure". Then just choose your band and cup size! :)


Q: How should I wash this bra?

Machine wash cold or warm is okay with a natural detergent and air dry for maximum longevity. Since this bra gets it's elasticity from natural tree rubber – not plastic – it doesn't tolerate high heat drying. That said mine has occasionally been tumble dried on low and comes out fine. This is of course particular to my dryer and I can't make guarantees for your dryer.

Q: Since the bra is an undergarment, do you accept returns for it? 

Yes, the Vera Bra is eligible for return like any of our garments. Please see our full return policy for details. We don't resell returns online for sanitary reasons but will sell them in person with full disclosure that they may have been washed, worn or tried on.



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