FAQ & Garment Measurements: Piñon Pocket Thermals

FAQ & Garment Measurements: Piñon Pocket Thermals

Inspired by a love of old thermals... Wear them lounging at home or dress them up under a crisp linen tunic for a dramatic contrast of textures.


These measurements are taken of a garment laying flat that has been washed & dried, so no additional shrinkage will occur. Got personal sizing q's? We're here to help. Jot us a note and send it to support@danuorganic.com.

waist unstretched (in) waist stretched (in) inseam (in)
ONE 10.25 20 27.5
TWO 11.25 21 27.5
THREE 11.5 22 28
FOUR 12.5 23 28.5
FIVE 13.75 25.5 29
SIX 14.75 27 29.25
SEVEN 17.25 30 30.5
EIGHT 19 32 30.5
NINE 21 34 30.5
TEN 23 36 30.5



Q: Is it see-through?

Not particularly, no. It's a rather thick fabric. You could perhaps see the outline of some underwear underneath it, but for a white fabric, there's much less chance of that than most.

Q: Is this fabric whitened in any way?

Nope! Almost all white cotton is though, even organic white cotton. There's several ways this is typically done. Bleach, which is super toxic. Peroxide - less toxic but still tough on people's skin doing the "whitening" and this uses energy and materials and the more energy/materials, the higher the carbon footprint. Sodium borate mixtures... still toxic. Ours? Just the color of the plant, spun, knit and sewn into quality garments.

Q: What do you mean by cooperatively grown?

Our cotton is sourced from the Texas Organic Cotton Marketing Cooperative, a cooperative owned and organized by the farmers who grow the cotton. This empowers them to act collectively with more power, stabilizing the costs and earnings on their organic cotton which is a commodity crop. They're also GOTS certified, which contrary to what is popularly thought, does not mean organic at all. GOTS does however ensure all labor is aboveboard and that certain toxic substances are not used.

Q: Are you going to make these in colors?

It's hard to say yet. We've tried to answer this question in the past which turned out to be promises we couldn't keep. You can learn more about that here. But essentially, we've decided it's best to defer questions like this so we don't make promises we can't keep and just focus on creating. When we're able and ready to release a color, we will! Once we're a large company it may get easier to let you know about future launches but right now, it's very tricky!

Q: Any styling tips?

To be honest, we reach for these pants so often just for how they make us feel, we'd say they go well with everything! But, we love them with a billowy linen shirt like the Garden Blouse, or a linen tunic.. Especially one made of a natural linen. The contrast of a crisp woven against these thermals, whose texture is the very embodiment of soft, is undeniably beautiful. Another look, powerful in monochorme yet ultimate lounge, is the Piñon Pocket Thermals paired with the Sonoma Scoop Neck.



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