FAQ & Garment Measurements: Hida Mountain Pants

FAQ & Garment Measurements: Hida Mountain Pants


Indisputably comfortable, yet classy enough you'll feel dressed up.


waist flat unstretched (in) waist stretched (in) good for waists (in)
ONE 11 21 22 - 25
TWO 12 22 24 - 27
THREE 13 1/2 23 27 - 30
FOUR 14 3/4 24 30 - 33
FIVE 16 25 32 - 35
SIX 18 29 36 - 40
SEVEN 19 3/4 32 40 - 43
EIGHT 21 1/2 33 43 - 47
NINE 23 1/2 35 47 - 51
TEN 25 1/2 39 51 - 56
These measurements are taken with garment laying flat — not worn. These measurements represent the garment unwashed, so you should expect a little shrinkage the first wash. They shrink mostly in length, and barely noticeably in width, but a little bit. Why is it awesome our undyed clothes shrink? Learn here.


Q: What's the inseam measurement?

A: We left that off the chart, because it's not a very useful number for this style. The Hida's have a bit of a dropped crotch, and they hit on the natural waist, so you'd really have to be an expert to not be confused by the inseam measurement. And I'm sure some of you are experts, but it still seemed best to try not to provide data that confuses most.

Q: Okay, so how long are these pants?

A: They're full length on an average height person. Customers who usually take a "short" pant may like to have these hemmed. We've had more than one tall customer say that these pants are, "cropped, but the right crop."

Q: Darn, I wish you made short and tall versions of this pant.

A: We wish we did too! We're focusing all of our size expansion resources on creating a larger size range in general at the moment. We're a tiny company and that's pushing at our limits as it is. As we grow, we'd love to release a short and tall version. That's not going to be anytime soon without an incredible increase in sales.

Q: I love these but I wish you made them in colors!

A: We do! Red (sold out), black & green so far. We probably won't be adding any new colors to this style anytime soon. We're adding cool stuff, don't worry, just not more colors in this pant style.

Q: So, do those measurements apply to the naturally dyed pieces as well?

A: No, the naturally dyed pieces are Hida's from the last time we sewed. They're pretty similar, but we loosened the waistband a bit and fine-tuned the rise and length on the far sides of our size spectrum.

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