FAQ & Garment Measurements: Garden Blouse

FAQ & Garment Measurements: Garden Blouse

This linen is the most natural on the market. It's color represents the true color of the fiber. It was grown and processed organically, keeping the soils where it was grown and the people involved in creating this garment healthy.


These measurements are taken of a garment laying flat that has been washed & dried, so no additional shrinkage will occur. Got personal sizing q's? We're here to help. Jot us a note and send it to support@danuorganic.com.
DANU SIZE pit-to-pit (inches) center front (inches)
THREE 27.5 19.75
FOUR 28.5 20
FIVE 30 20
SIX 31 20.5 


Q: Why didn't you make more sizes?

We based the sizes and quantities we made off of the pre-orders we received. We'd love to make our full size range, but as a very small business, it leaves us with too much unsold inventory which is why we are doing the preorder model for new styles.

Q: Are you going to make these in colors?

It's hard to say yet. We've tried to answer this question in the past which turned out to be promises we couldn't keep. You can learn more about that here. But essentially, we've decided it's best to defer questions like this so we don't make promises we can't keep and just focus on creating. When we're able and ready to release a color, we will! Once we're a large company it may get easier to let you know about future launches but right now, it's very tricky!

Q: Any styling tips?

We love this top with our naturally dyed luminous black Hida Mountain Pants but it also looks great with a pair of tapered jeans. Or, layer it over a long, silk, a-line dress for a graceful silhouette.



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