FAQ & Garment Measurements: Astral Duster

FAQ & Garment Measurements: Astral Duster

I can't provide data to back this up, but I've heard many stories of the healing properties of colorganic® fiber, and have own my lived experience. If there's one garment that's going to make you feel the healing power of this fiber, it's going to be the Astral Duster.

— Sarah Danu


all measurements taken with garment laying flat — not worn

DANU SIZE center back length (inches) pit-to-pit (inches) bicep measured from pit across sleeve (inches) sleeve opening (inches)
ONE 35.25 20.5 8.5 6
TWO 36 21 8.75 6.25
THREE 37 21.5 8.75 6.25
FOUR 37.75 22.5 9 6.5
FIVE 38.5 23.5 9.5 6.75
SIX 38.5 26 10 7
SEVEN 38.75 29.5 11.25 7.5
EIGHT 40.5 30.5 12 7.5
NINE 41 32 12.25 8
TEN 41.5 33 12.5 8



Q: I'm confused by your new sizing structure. What size do you recommend?

A: To ease everyone through the transition to Danu's new sizing structure, we made a chart corresponding with the typical US sizing structure and our old sizing methods. You can see it here. 

Q: Is the Astral Duster meant for <insert gender>?

A: Yes! We are transitioning to an all gender sizing structure. Once you figure out your new Danu size once, you should be able to order that size from now into our future. If you're needing a bit of help, send us an email at support@danuorganic.com. It could also be helpful to see the model sizing info at the bottom of the product pages.

Q: How long is it?

A: Check the "center back length" measurement for your size in the chart above. You can compare that to something similar you own. That measurement represents the length from the middle of the back of the neck to the hem. See the photo I wrote on below for more measurement explanation. Also, the models heights are shared on the product page so you can get an idea if it will look shorter or longer on you.

Q: Does it come with the belt pictured in some of the photos?

A: Yes, each Astral Duster comes with the wide french terry belt! The LMB Studio Belt, sometimes pictured, is a separate offering. The duster looks just as good with or without a belt. The belt is a standalone piece you can also style with other outfits. We didn't put any weird belt loops on the duster so it looks like a fabulous jacket without the belt.

Q: How do you tie the belt?

A: Anyway you like. A few ways are photographed but there is no right or wrong way. It's a sturdy belt and stays tied easily. Sarah tends to tie it loosely like this or, really more often, go unbelted.

Still got q's? Comment below and we'll add some of them. Thank you!

Astral Duster by Danu Organic

Astral Duster by Danu Organic

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