FAQ: Equatorial Wrap Pre-Order

FAQ: Equatorial Wrap Pre-Order

Equatorial Wrap | Danu Organic

Q: Is it reversible?

A: Secretly, yes. 🤫When we took these photos, the top was only a couple days old and photographing it was a last minute decision... one that I'm glad I made! For some reason largely pertaining to overwhelm at my first product photoshoot, I didn't get photos of it reversed. Sorry. I have another photoshoot scheduled in a month and I'll definitely get photos of it reversed. Until then, I chose to simply leave out the detail that it can be reversed from the product description. But so many people have asked it seems best to share the full story! I honest wear it as pictured 90% of the time but that's just me.

Q: Can pre-orders be exchanged?

A: Yes! Pre-orders can be returned/exchanged just as normal orders. See the full policy details here. The return/exchange window starts on the day youreceivee your garment in the mail.

Q: What size should I get?

A: I'd go with your normal size for tops. If you own a Barcelona Pullover, whatever size you chose for that will most likely be a fit! If not, we can exchange it. This top is absolutely suitable for larger cup sizes as well as smaller. It's been tested from B to F cup and I imagine sizes beyond that range would be just fine.

Q: Is it a bra substitute? You don't need a bra with it do you?

A: I always wear this top braless. In fact, it's been a great help along my journey of choosing to wear bras less. It actually provides a good bit of support and in a very comfortable way that still allows for natural movement. I have seen it worn with a bra before which is an option, but the bra does tend to show so I prefer it without.

Q: Any chance it will ship earlier?

A: There's a slight chance, but certainly by March 31st. Just in time for warmer weather! I will ship them as soon as they are finished though, so you may get your package a little earlier.

One other little detail, I prefer to wear it a bit snugger than the model in the front. The back looks exactly the same either way... fabulous! But of course, you can wear it however you like. I'll probably get a few photos of the snugger fit soon and mix them in with this looser fit so people can see the range. Just sharing in case it helps!

Thank you for your preorders! The Equatorial Wrap is available to pre-order for $30 off until this Sunday, February 23rd. Pre-order now.

Comment if you have more q's and I'll answer!

Kindness & Gratitude!

Sarah Danu

Equatorial Wrap | Danu Organic

Equatorial Wrap | Danu Organic

Equatorial Wrap | Danu Organic

Equatorial Wrap | Danu Organic

Equatorial Wrap | Danu Organic\Equatorial Wrap | Danu Organic



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