Death & Rebirth

Death & Rebirth

Today is the spring equinox which feels timely as exactly three months ago, I experienced an intense spiritual death and rebirth guided by sacred mushroom medicine. Waking up from that experience I said I felt like taking a three month nap and I have managed to do that as best I can, truly sleeping excessively and prioritizing rest as much as possible in the daytime.

This event was foreshadowed for me ten years ago by a numerologist I cautiously trusted as I dipped my toes into worlds that interested me as I entered the adult world.

It's hard to describe in words, especially words that I email out to all my customers and the world to see but I can summarize this event which even months down the road, is feeling like the most pivotal event of my life.

I think it's important to say this was my first time working with mushrooms or any sacred medicine beyond microdosing. And because I know people will ask, it was the Inner Alchemy program at Reunion in Costa Rica. I have no affiliation and am not rewarded for sharing that but my gratitude for that experience is so deep I am happy to share.

I was guided deep into my shadow and experienced a multigenerational healing followed by a spiritual death and rebirth. I explored the wounding of my feminine side and the ways I covered it. I found deep, deep healing, landing me gently and tiringly in a state of balanced energy.

I took a look at this creation, Danu Organic, which has felt astounding and odd for the past three months as its rebirth continued. This is what I will focus on here as it's likely most relevant to you.

I ceased to desire having a company. I felt a distaste for attempts to grow a company. I ceased to care for creating financial security for myself and stepped calmly into the security and insecurity of the present moment.

However my gratitude for the plants that make these clothes from thread to cloth has deepened tenfold.

And a few weeks after the ritual, I found myself startlingly in a creative source art practice not even by choice and it has continued to flow, taking over my mind. Because I'm currently living on the road, I am just jotting down my ideas to be expressed later when I find a steady, physical studio space.

I also feel no need to show or share these creations at this point so don't hold your breath. But I am grateful to have this space to integrate my work in a public way if I ever desire.

So Danu will continue to flow, but differently. I don't really have changes to announce at this point. But over the next year, I think many shifts will arise as Danu becomes aligned to me. At this point, Danu is an entity with it's own course and personality guided by many factors so change does not happen too fast.

I am feeling reborn on this spring equinox, finally rested enough to share a little bit of my heart with the world again after that transformative experience.

If you are curious to learn more, I did two youtube videos on my mushroom experience. My youtube channel will not be continuing further at this point as I work on healing my physical shell from the damage of computer work and making the creations my heart is yearning for but the videos are still there for a bit longer. Video #1 and #2. Though I am very new to it, I do believe in the healing power of sacred fungi and will be interweaving with it more in my personal life. I am sharing just to spread the word and resource as I yearned for this for four years before finding the path.

What you can expect to see? Less capitalism. More heart. A subtle slowing down, settling further into our process-led planning. A continuation of the garments that are healthy for our bodies and the earth. Breaks on occasion to allow for rest I previously have not know. Less forced growth. More sharing the source of love and wisdom and oneness. Writing a blog post pertinent to the spring equinox and not sharing it until the day after because I prioritized balanced living over work. More education and connection to the source of our earth-based garments. A ceremonious approach. A sharing of other things I am feeling called to create. I am so grateful to have Danu as a vessel of creative evolution.

Happy spring equinox y'll.


I concur on your path…I too live off-grid in Washington State and your vibes are so in tune with mine-I treasure this lifestyle and wouldn’t want it any other way… Thank you for your heart felt words of truth 🙏… Peace be with you and yours

Cat Ransom

We are all here supporting you and surrounding you with love and gratitude for all you do for the world! Thank you so much for so generously and fearlessly sharing your journey so openly! You’ve touched our hearts by sharing yours! Love you! ❤️

Laura Paulisich

Beautiful words. I’m so happy and inspired by your plant medicine journey, and I miss you lots, my dear friend <3


Thank you for the courage and vulnerability to share your journey. As an empath, sensitive and intuitive I left the corporate world years ago on a leap of faith and never looked back. Following nature and spirit has always guided me. Love and blessings on your journey!

Robyn Stevenson

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