Colorganic® Riverstone Rib Knit

Colorganic® Riverstone Rib Knit

Our Colorganic® Riverstone Rib Knit is grown organically in the USA  on a farm just south of Las Cruces, New Mexico, to be specific.

Though all of our colorganic® fabrics get a tad darker over time, it's most pronounced in our Riverstone Rib Knit. If you're paying attention, you'll most likely be able to notice a slight darkening after the first wash.

The color of this fabric is derived from a blend of 30% "coyote" brown cotton and 70% white acala cotton. Reminiscent of water running over smooth, brown river pebbles, this fabric has an interesting depth of color.

This fabric was designed by legendary cotton breeder & farmer, Sally Fox.

Rib knits have quite a lot of stretch despite being plastic free. Because of this, it lends itself to making excellent underwear. Though not pre-shrunk, it shrinks so little and has so much stretch, shrinkage isn't really something to consider for our Riverstone Rib Knit.

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