Preorder Funding: Almost There!

Preorder Funding: Almost There!


to funding goal for new styles

Hello to the wonderful community that has become Danu Organic! It's me Sarah Danu, with a personal note. On Saturday, we launched our pre-order for the Garden Blouse and the Paros Sleep Shirt. Think of it like an in-house kickstarter. With the expense of my recent move to Vermont, I need your support to get these new styles out into the world and into your closet in a timely manner because a new style has a big upfront investment. I'll be updating this blog post with our % to goal throughout the week! A big thank from me to everyone who has placed an order so far!

I am beyond excited for our first piece in linen because I personally LOVE linen. It's the main fabric I wear outside of Danu Organic. But I was wearing non-organic linen because I did not know a company making clothes from organic linen. After two years of steady searching, I found organic linen! I could not be happier to have organic linen to wear myself and it's wonderful to offer this new healthy fabric to you too as I'm sure I'm not the only person wanting linen clothing sans toxic chemicals!

The Paros Sleep Shirt is fabulous too. Lily, our director of operations, requested a style like this when she first joined the team a little over a year ago and I secretly made if for her. We've been test-sleeping in it for months and even transitioning it into daytime wear with a pair of leggings. 

If we hit our funding goal, we'll add new styles to the pre-order. If we don't hit our funding goal, we'll refund whichever piece did not get enough sales, or perhaps both, to your original payment method. 100% would be refunded so there is no risk in preordering.

If you want sizing help or have questions, please feel free to send us an email. Our email is


Q: Can I use a gift card for the preorder?

A: Yes, you can totally use your Danu Organic gift card for the preorder.

Q: Can I use afterpay for the preorder?

A: Absolutely. Afterpay is a free to you service that divides payments into parts over time and it makes so much sense in this case.

Q: If I don't preorder, can I buy these styles later?

A: Maybe! If we don't get enough preorders to fund sewing them, we won't be making them. We also have been tending to sell through certain sizes very quickly and have had customers sad their size isn't available within days of launching styles lately, so preordering ensures that won't happen. Pending we get enough preorders to sew these styles, we'll be launching them in mid-October with quantities based on the sizes ordered.

Q: I preordered BOTH and want to help you reach your goal because I want these! Is there anything I can do to help?

A: Yes please and thank you! Share the word. Tell your friends IRL or on instagram stories about this preorder. I would so appreciate that. Find one of our pre-order posts and share it to stories. Organic linen is super special, rare and good for the planet! You sharing the word helps us bring it into the world. Thank you.

Q: If we hit 100% of the goal, what new styles will be added?

A: Not telling just yet, but it will be garments made from the same cozy thermal as our Sonoma Scoop Neck :)

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